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What is a WIFI Adapter? What Does It Do? How Is It Used?

What is a WIFI adapter? What Does It Do? How Is It Used?
What is a WIFI adapter? What Does It Do? How Is It Used?

The wireless network starts with a broadband modem that can communicate with an Internet service provider (ISP) that facilitates your Internet Access. Let’s say the wireless network has started and is spreading all over the house but the computer doesn’t have the WIFI network adapter card to connect to that wireless network. In this case, the ethernet cable from the modem to the computer must be laid. But not every home is available for that. If the computer is a remote modem, things are getting more difficult. This is the case in which the WIFI adapter is running for our help.

What is a WIFI adapter? What Does It Do?

What Does It Do?

The WIFI adapter enables computers that do not come within the wifi network adapter card to gain wireless functionality. If you don’t have wifi on your computer, you can get wifi through the wifi adapter.

Not only can computers that do not have WiFi, but also computers that do, can also be used to expand coverage. For additional information, the wifi adapter can be used on computers as well as on phones and some televisions. If you are going to buy a wifi adapter for the television, please consult the service and ask for information!!!


The terms Wireless signal booster, wireless adapter, wifi adapter, wifi-wireless Network Adapter, Wireless Adapter all correspond to the same meaning.

WIFI adapters are divided into two, internal and external. The built-in ones are integrated into the motherboard of the device. For example, PCI, PCI Express, and Mini PCI Express slots can be integrated. The external ones are the ones that function from the external media via USB. In this article we will focus on the usb wifi adapter because the usb wifi adapter is the most profitable and most functional among those that can be purchased.

A USB Wifi adapter is an external network adapter card, not an internal one, that is, a wireless network adapter card that is used externally instead of an internal incoming wireless network adapter card inside the computer or laptop. Some of these are important advantages of being External as follows; quickly dismantle and move at any time, even those who are considered ignorant about the computer to be easy to install. The external wifi adapter can work on any computer with its driver installed, but if you wanted to run your desktop PC’s internal wifi adapter on a leptope, you wouldn’t be able to.

How to install a WIFI adapter? How Is It Used?

The installation of the Wifi adapter is very simple, you can easily install it in two steps! Its use is like the wifi you know from the phone.

1. Installing WIFI Adapter Driver

Software is essential for every hardware. The software controls the hardware and makes it work flawlessly. This type of software is called driver. The Driver CD comes with the device that we received, plug this CD into the computer and run the setup screen from the necessary operations by performing the installation and the driver installation process ends easily.

2. Plug The WIFI Adapter İnto The Computer And Run İt

After installing the driver, all we have to do is plug the Wifi adapter into the computer via USB and take advantage of the benefits of the wireless network to the fullest. Our Wireless adapter will start working as we plug it into the computer.

Important information: if you are using Windows 10 and you receive blue screen errors when installing the driver and installing the wireless adapter, I suggest you install the compatible Realtek Wifi driver for each wireless adapter. Click to download the Realtek driver.

USB Wi-Fi Adapter Sizes

Wireless adapters have flash memory-sized ones with and without antennas. There are even ones the size of 50 cents. Each is shaped according to the needs of the user.

USB WIFI Adapter Recommendation: TP-LINK TL-wn722n 150 Mbps

USB WIFI Adapter Recommendation: TP-LINK TL-wn722n 150 Mbps

TP-LINK TL-WN722N 150 Mbps

The wireless USB adapter TL-WN722N enables the PC to connect to a wireless network and access the Internet at high speed after being installed on a desktop or laptop PC. TP-LINK Wireless adapter provides up to 150Mbps wireless speed and high performance for internet surfing, online gaming and HD video streaming.

The TL-Wn72n has a WI-FI Protected Setup (WPS) compatible, QSS button. In addition, TL-WN722N comes with 4 dBi high-gain external antennas that can be translated and rotated for adaptation to various operating environments. TL-WN722 is a full price / performance product.

It is always useful to choose brands such as TP-Link, AirTies, Asus and Zyxel for choosing WIFI adapters. These brands are among the best in terms of lifespan and product functionality.

Is The Nano WIFI Adapter Good?

Wi-FI adapter with antenna and Mini WI-FI Adapter. WIFI-Wireless Adapter with and without antenna Nano - Mini Wireless Adapter
Wi-FI adapter with antenna and Mini WI-FI Adapter

One of the distinguishing situations in USB adapters is the antenna. If the antenna is built-in, the wifi adapter will be thinner and smaller. if the antenna is external, rather than internal, then the wifi adapter will be thicker and larger if the antenna is located on the outside.

Of course, depending on whether the antenna is large or small, the signal propagation power will rise or fall.

While a wifi adapter with an external antenna is ideal for signal strength, it tends to be bulky and protrude from the USB port. While there are fewer problems with a desktop PC, this can turn into a major problem for the user, especially since the USB port will be damaged if the laptop is also hit by the wifi adapter with this external antenna.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Buying a WIFI Adapter?

As a result, various aspects need to be considered when choosing a USB Wi-Fi adapter. The first is the adapter’s maximum data speed. These data transfer rates, such as 72, 150, 300 Mbps, are one of the most important points of network devices, but even the adapter with the highest data transfer rate does not matter in the face of slow Internet. For those who use DSL at home, that is, internet over the telephone line, the adapter of the TP-Link I recommend at the top will be sufficient. For example, the use of a high-speed wifi adapter on connected computers in a workplace will increase the transfer and reception of data to each other by users in the workplace to high speeds. In addition, I suggest you get a USB 3.0 wifi adapter for speed-demanding jobs.

Make sure your USB Wi-Fi adapter supports all 128-bit security standards, including WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Also, when selecting a USB WIFI adapter, determine your usage area. Then select it with or without an antenna according to the area of use. if you are going to receive an antenna, make sure that the antenna has a high dBi value indicating the signal propagation power. for example, the wifi adapter I recommend to you has a 4 dBi-powered antenna! the higher the dBi, the greater the distance of the wireless adapter.

Yes, friends, this article is finished here. I’ve written to you about what the wifi adapter is, what it does, what to look out for when buying. I hope this article gives you the necessary information about wireless adapters.

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